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About the project:

The Ontario Climate Change Mapper is a pilot project created jointly between the Geomatics Institute at Sir Sandford Fleming College and Trent University. It is designed to assist with web-based visualization of climate change scenarios as modelled until 2070. The project started out as a collaborative project created by students at Sir Sandford Fleming College. The authors of this website as well as the simulations contained within are Jordan Whitton, Courtney Dunn, and Julius Ngeh. This group is currently responsible for the creation and maintenance of this website and you can get in touch with them by e-mailing the webmaster or submitting a question through the support page. The group started JCJ Solutions and Associates to consult on the project and the result was this prototype website. The project aims at designing a spatially-explicit web platform to enable users the selection, processing and display of modelling scenarios of the future crop yields across the Province under a changed climate in order to allow users to visualize the impacts of climate change on land productivity in the province. The members of JCJ Solutions would also like to thank Dr. Raul Ponce-Hernandez, a professor at Trent University that has advised us throughout the project on the best way to achieve success. This site is a prototype design for the Future Crop Mapper, a collaborative project between students from the Geomatics Institute at Fleming College and Trent University. All material on this website is © 2015.